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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Jelly Polish

Jelly polishes are hands-down my favorite kind of nail polish. A jelly polish is basically like a tinted clear coat and most times contains flakies or glitter. Since the polish is so translucent, you usually layer the jelly on top of a solid color but they're beautiful enough to be used on their own. I can't even begin to describe how much I love looking at jelly polishes in the bottle. They're so beautiful I almost want to eat them! Before I ramble on and on about how much I love jelly polishes I want to share a cheap and gorgeous jelly polish I found, and an even cheaper dupe of it!

I live in Hawaii and this past weekend I randomly wandered into an ABC store in Waikiki which is basically a touristy convenience store. I found theeeeee most gorgeous jelly polish with large flakies (TO DIE FOR)! The brand is called 'Island Girl' and the color is 'Mahalo Dream'. The polish was only, I believe, $1.99 but as far as I know you can only buy these at the ABC store. BUT last night when I was in CVS I found an exact dupe by the brand 'California' for the price of................79 CENTS!!!! What a steal! If I thought I hit the jackpot finding 'Mahalo Dream' I hit the megabucks finding its dupe! The California brand polish doesn't have a name so if you look for it it's #13. The polish is a sheer pink (looks light red in the bottle) jelly with small and large flakies... which just makes this polish ten times better! If you are a jelly polish lover you will absolutely love this one. And for the price, you surely can't go wrong!

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  1. WOW!!!! Thank you soo soooo much!! Been looking for a dupe of the flakies all night... I'm gonna go get these tomorrow. I live in Las Vegas so there is an ABC store here and CVS. I am so excited. Thank you thank you so so much! More power to you.