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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Nail Shapes

Sorry I've been on hiatus for so long, other projects and life just got in the way! I'm hoping to revive my blog and post daily. Since it is my first day back I wanted to pick up with a simple blog post about...nail shapes!

Round and square aren't the only nail shapes around today, there are so many nail shape variations. To the right, I've added a picture of some (not all) nail shapes. (This image was taken off of Google)

My nails tend to be long and rectangular with rounded edges. I would love to, one day, rock the daring long almond-shaped look. I'm just not quite sure I'm ready for all that filing and shaping O_O. But I would like to play around and change my nail shape one day because there are so many different looks you can do depending on your nail shape, it's so amazing! 

Which nail shape do you guys have, and which nail shape would you love to try?

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  1. mine are usually short and square but slightly rounded. unfortunately, i'm not gutsy enough to try anything wild! :(