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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Acrylic Paint

The secret to doing these looks is using acrylic paint (shown below)! There are pros and cons to doing nail art with acrylics which I'll discuss.

1. When you put acrylics over dried nail polish, the paint can be wiped off with a Q-tip and water. This is helpful if you make any mistakes because, unlike with nail polish, you don't have to start all over again.

2. You can mix acrylics to make an endless number of colors! Therefore, you only need to buy the basic colors. This definitely beats buying hundreds of different nail polishes! Mixing colors is also helpful if there's a certain color you're trying to achieve.

1. You must apply a clear top coat over the acrylics to avoid the paints from washing off. If you miss any spot, the paint will wash off when you wash your hands, take a shower, etc. So you need to make sure your paint is covered well. A top coat must also be applied to brighten the color of the acrylics or else the colors will look dull.

2. Sometimes acrylics can dry very lightly so you may need to go over certain areas more than once.

I hope you guys will explore doing nail art with acrylics, the possibilities are endless! Happy painting :)!

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