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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hype or Gripe?

I recently ventured into Essie polishes and I'm really torn between whether it's a love it or leave it type of product. The colors I own are, 'Lilacism' and 'Need a Vacation'...with the exception of 'Cherry Pop' which is more of a top coat.

First off, I do like Essie polishes because they look so beautiful in the bottle and their colors are gorgeous. BUT, there are some things I really don't like about them....

- The polish is too sheer and I need to apply three or four coats to reach opacity. And I feel if I'm going to spend $6-8 on a polish, it should be easy to apply with just a couple coats.
- The polish is streaky (another reason why I need to use more coats).
- Chips easily because you need to use so many coats.

I know I might have stones thrown at me for this post but I wanted to see you feel the same, or maybe if it's just the colors I chose. I do plan on giving Essie another chance because I know a lot of people do love their polishes and because their colors are too irresistible. I hope with more experience I can turn my gripe into a hype.


  1. I completely agree with you!! I'm wearing Lilacism right now, and just applied it last night but it's ALREADY chipping.... -_____-" I love Essie and their colors but they chip so easily because of all the coats you have to apply. Have you tried Zoya polishes?

    xx Tina

    1. Okay I'm glad (in a way) that's it just not me. It so sad because their colors are so beautiful -____- I haven't tried Zoya yet, isn't that so shameful coming from someone who's suppose to be a nail polish addict??