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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Nail Art Gallery

Although my previous post showcased all my previous nail art work, I went ahead and added a 'Nail Art Gallery' link to the top of this blog. This link will take you to my nail art gallery where you can see all previous work, and a products list. Enjoy :)

*Edit*: I just wanted to add that if you look at my nail art gallery you will see I use the same colors over and over. This means you don't have to have a whole huge collection of polishes to do different looks. Be creative and use your colors in different way, you'll see your colors will go a long way! You'll see the three polishes I use the most are:
1. OPI - 'sparrow me the drama'
2. OPI - 'planks a lot' 
3. OPI - 'mermaid's tears'. 

I love these colors because they compliment each other well and at the same time are three totally different colors. So, if you're on a budget try to find a few colors you love that go well together. Finding colors from the same collection is the easiest way to do this (my top three used colors are from OPI's 'Pirates of the Caribbean' collection).

I hope this helps you build your own little (or big) nail polish army! Happy painting :)!

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