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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tiny Tips

I will be starting new posts called "tiny tips" in hopes of sharing some helpful hints and tips to make your beauty life a little easier. I decided to start off with something unrelated to nail polish for a change.

Over five years ago I lived in the college dorms and my mom was afraid I would cause damage with my hot tools. Her solution? A pot holder! This was such a genius solution because it protects surfaces from being burnt, easy to travel with, and lasts forever! The pot holder is made out of silicone which allows it to handle high heat. For travel or storage you can wrap your hot tool in the pot holder and then loosely wrap the cord around the pot holder (I know you're not suppose to wrap your cords, but I can't stand tangles!). And lastly, I've had my pot holder for years and it's a little dirty but still in perfect shape!

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